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COVID-19 is an illness spreading around the world. We are making COVID-19 info easy to understand by every country’s huge population of people with cognitive disabilities, low literacy, non-native language speakers, the Deaf, and seniors.

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We Need Your Help!

Our goal is to make COVID-19 terms clear and accessible to all. We need volunteers to help provide plain language terms. Then, our Easytext AI (artificial intelligence tool) can simplify language using machine learning. For example, “quarantine” could be simplified to “stay at home.

Our Project

The INDEX program of the Shriver Center launched a worldwide effort to provide easy-to-understand COVID-19 language that is usable and accessible to people with disabilities and non-native languages. The INDEX program of the Shriver Center started a worldwide effort.  We will provide easy-to-understand COVID-19 information. Info will be accessible to people with disabilities.  Non-native language speakers can use the info.  A crowdsourcing app helps machine learning software make complex sentences simple. The machine needs humans to give it simple sentences. Then, it can learn how to simplify COVID-19 info more easily.

How can you use our website?

Our mission is to simplify COVID-19 info. We want COVID-19 info to be more accessible to people with disabilities and ESL learners. We want people to know where to get vaccines and testing for COVID-19. We are starting with info for Massachusetts. We will be adding other states and US information. We will be adding other countries.  This information will help the whole world be safer and healthier.

Information about COVID in Massachusetts

More information about COVID in the state of Massachusetts and where to get tested and vaccinated.

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