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89 South Street
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Boston, MA 02111

Phone: (617) 350-7713 (voice)    (617) 350-6836 (TTY)
Fax: (617) 482-4298

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Information Specialist: Charles J. Washburn
E-mail: cjwashburn@vsamass.org

Hours: Mon, Tues., Thurs & Fri, 9:00 AM – 5 PM

Additional Locations: None.

Organization Narrative

VSA Massachusetts promotes the involvement of people of all abilities in the cultural life of our communities and develops multi-sensory arts-based teaching strategies in our schools opening new windows onto the general curriculum.

Population(s) Served



American Sign Language, Spanish


Access Expressed! New England: A Cultural Resource Directory, the Directory offers readers detailed access information to many cultural organizations across New England. Call (617) 350-7713  to order copies.

Technical Assistance: VSA Mass offers consultation to other cultural organizations on the development and implementation of accessible programs. Workshops are given for the staff of museums, theaters, etc. Workshop programs range from a simple introduction to understanding disabilities; to physical access; to marketing and outreach to people with disabilities; to the use of telecommunication devices for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; and to the use of assistive listening devices.  Site Surveys are conducted to evaluate the state of access of the given facility. The Massachusetts Office on Disability is our strategic partner for this initiative and for professional development programs in cultural access offered to cultural organizations throughout the state.

Vocational Rehabilitation: This program, funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, is focused on developing the employment potential of individuals with disabilities in the arts and humanities.  All participants receive one-on-one counseling and support with resume and portfolio development.

Education: The education programs advocate the use of the arts from preschool through high school to support curricula and to encourage the inclusion of students of all abilities and learning styles.

Artist Residencies: Employs a culturally diverse group of Massachusetts artists for individually designed residencies across the state which utilize ideas from visual and performing arts disciplines to support students of many skill levels, address curriculum goals and build relationships with caring adults.
Professional Development:  trains teachers and administrators nationwide in the ongoing use of the arts to engage students with different styles of learning and to bring students of all abilities together in the classroom.

Multi-Arts Resource Guide (MARG): Publishes MARG and companion videos to provide teachers and paraprofessionals across the country with crucial tools for utilizing arts activities in teaching core curricula.

Festivals: Festivals bring artists, students and teachers together to experience how the arts can include people of all abilities.




Only for workshops, site surveys and publications.