Parents’ Management, Inc.

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65 Walnut Avenue
Roxbury, MA 02119

(617) 989-1119
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Information Specialist: Hafeezah (Brenda) Bell

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Organization Narrative

Parents’ Management, Inc. was created to provide an alternative parent-assisted program for economically disadvantaged urban youth seeking change and betterment in their lives. The program offers creative and enriching opportunities through mentoring and peer leadership. To instill a positive outlook, in contrast to the negative activities they may witness daily in their communities, we assist young people in developing leadership and media communication skills. We also educate the community at large about the importance of youth development and about available resources.

We Value: Creativity, Enrichment, and Change

The unifying theme for the Parent’s Management, Inc. activities is the empowerment of young people and their families through strengthened skills, discipline, communication and self-esteem. Parent’s Management encourages youths and parents to make a commitment together to a program that will be enjoyable and beneficial to both. This program has the power, in turn, to strengthen families and the greater community. It brings young people and adults together with their peers to share experiences and build independence. By channeling the energy of youth into constructive pursuits, PMI offers a dynamic- and timely-alternative to the forces of negativity and violence.

Population(s) Served

economically disadvantaged urban youth and parents. Also children with special needs


Parent’s Management has sponsored a variety of activities to achieve their goals for youth development. These parent-assisted educational and artistic programs include the following features:

  1. Support groups for families with special needs children
  2. provides workshops for parents and caretakers of children with special needs
  3. Providing opportunities for teenagers to showcase their musical and artistic talents
  4. Training youths in music and related skills, while serving as liaisons between parents and the music industry;
  5. Educating young people through a structured series of after school workshops for artistic and vocal groups in the areas of pop, rhythm and blues, rap, and rock. This program comprises basic training in voice, choreography, studio technique, and music business skills.
  6. Arranging for participants to practice creating, producing, and directing training films and public service announcements regarding positive initiatives of young adults from urban areas. A related project involves producing and hosting Cable TV programs with and for youth, regarding issues of everyday life that affect them and their families.


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