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225 Friend Street
Suite 401
Boston MA 02114

Phone Number: 617-787-4426
Fax: 855-245-8991

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Information Specialist: Michelle Simone

Hours: Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Organization Narrative

LandAjob is a division of National Telecommuting Institute, (NTI)  a non-profit organization that ranked third in the country for Ticket Payments received from the Social Security Administration. NTI was established in Boston in 1995 with an original focus on helping disabled individuals find home-based jobs.

Population(s) Served





Ticket To Work

Information on over 500,000 job openings across the country.

LandAjob’s Post-Employment Services:

  • Reimburse work-related expenses
  • Support and review Individual Work Plan (IWP) goals, and adjust as necessary
  • Advise on SSA disability benefits and work incentives
  • Advise on SSA overpayments
  • Provide ongoing training in-house (NTI University) or refer when necessary
  • Connect with local community resources
    • Food banks
    • Clothing banks
    • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs
    • Banking and local financial assistance programs
    • Veteran assistance programs
    • Child care o Heating and electricity assistance
    • Other bills assistance (telephone, automobile, water, etc.)
    • Healthcare centers
  • Connect with resources to secure job accommodations