Cambridge Commissions for Persons with Disabilities

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51 Inman Street
2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: (617) 349-4692 (voice)    617-492-0235 (TTY)
Fax: (617) 349-4766

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Information Specialist: Kate Thurman , Disability Project Coordinator

Hours: Monday: 8:30 – 8PM, Tuesday – Thursday: 8:30-5PM, Friday: 8:30-12:00PM

Additional Locations: None.

Population(s) Served

Cambridge residents, visitors, public agencies, businesses, private non-profit organizations, and others who have any questions or concerns regarding disability-related issues in Cambridge.



People with disabilities face many obstacles in their efforts to be full and active members of society. Attitudes that stigmatize, information and activities that are not accessible, and a shortage of resources, are some examples of barriers that lead to isolation. For over 30 years, the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities has been working to eliminate these barriers. On a daily basis, Commission staff and volunteers answer questions, provide information & referrals and give technical assistance to individuals and their families, City departments, public agencies, businesses and private nonprofit organizations. We promote equal opportunity and work to eliminate discrimination against individuals with all types of disabilities – physical, mental and sensory. Examples of our ongoing work include:

  • Advocate for improved access to housing, transportation, education, businesses, employment, and leisure-time activities for people with disabilities
  • Work with City departments to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal and state disability rights laws
  • Teach disability awareness in workshops and presentations to children, adults, businesses, nonprofits and City departments
  • Provide free taxi discount coupons to Cambridge residents with disabilities
  • Issue temporary Disability Parking Permits for use in Cambridge

The goal of our 11-member advisory board, comprised primarily of individuals with disabilities, is to promote full participation for people with disabilities in all aspects of Cambridge community life. The commission advisory board meets at 5:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Join us – all of our meetings include an opportunity for public comment.

Our free newsletter, AccessLetter, is published six times a year and provides news and information on a variety of disability-related topics. AccessLetter also has a calendar, listing dates and times for various events, including movie screenings from our Disability Re-framed community film series. Let us know if you want to subscribe. Check us out on the Web at


Cambridge residents, visitors, public agencies, business, private non-profit organizations, and others who have any questions or concerns regarding disability-related issues in Cambridge.



Other Information: Michael Muehe, Executive Director / ADACoordinator, (617) 349-6297