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Barrier Free Playgrounds

Listing of barrier free playgrounds in Massachusetts.


  • Goward Playground
    486 Main Street, Acton
    All play equipment is accessible by a paved path or playground engineered fiber. All platforms are accessible. There’s also an accessible swing. It’s completely ADA accessible with all the new renovations to it.
  • Playground at NARA
    25 Ledge Rock Way
    Joseph Lalli Miracle Field is an all-accessible baseball field with accessible dugouts and a poured rubberized surface. Smooth surface throughout.


  • Jessica’s Boundless Playgrounds
    Chestnut Hill Community School
    59 State Street
    This playground opened in 2014.


  • Rising Stars Playground (pdf)
    North Beverly Elementary School
    48 Putnam St
  • Touch the Sky–Beverly School for the Deaf
    6 Echo Ave
    The playground is open to the public when school is not in session.  The wide ramps and rubber surface accommodate wheelchairs. The bucket-seat swings are good for kids who need extra support. A slide made out of roller balls is designed for children, such as those with autism, who like touch sensations. One of the slides is made out of metal instead of plastic, which can be a hazard to children with cochlear implants, which aid hearing.


  • Harambee Park
    Boundless Playground
    Talbot Ave
    The Harambee Boundless Playground has been designed to maximize play for everyone regardless of their abilities and includes ample space to allow kids of varying degrees of ability to play side-by-side.  Located at the center of the playground is an elevated gazebo, enabling children with disabilities to be up high, while also giving caregivers a view of children to encourage independent, self-directed play.  The playground promotes inclusion with the addition of play panels for everyone to gather.  Swings with high backs and unitary surfacing underneath make this popular playground activity easily accessible.”
  • Shipyard Playground
    40 8th Street (across from this address)
    This is the City of Boston’s first universally accessible playground and is located at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The project includes a new, 23,000 square foot boardwalk and 63 pieces of play equipment contained in a 15,000 square foot rubber playground area, complete with ADA accessible paths and gathering spaces.
  • Mission Hill Playground
    Tremont Street and Smith Street
    The playground includes an accessible spray park that is lit at night so you can play on it on a hot summer night.
  • Thomas M. Menino Park
    300 First Avenue
    This new universally accessible playground is at Charlestown Navy Yard Pier 11 next to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Playground Next to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
    380-398 Huntington Avenue, Boston
    Smooth surface throughout, Ramps to play components, Transfer stations, Accessible swing, Visually-impaired play components, Sound-play components, Safety fence.
  • Mother’s Rest
    34-54 Fenway, Boston, MA
    Smooth surface throughout, Accessible swing, Safety fence, Ramps to play components, Sound-play components
  • BCNC Chinatown Playground
    38 Ash St, Boston
    Smooth surface throughout, Visually-impaired play components, Transfer stations, Safety fence
  • Twelfth Baptist Church
    150-160A Warren St, Roxbury
    Smooth surface throughout, Safety fence, Transfer stations, Single entrance

City of Boston: Popular Playgrounds and Parks – Learn more about some of the most popular playgrounds and parks in the City of Boston.




  • Francis Wyman Playground
    Francis Wyman Elementary School,
    41 Terrace Hall Avenue
    A surface that smooth enough for a wheelchair, and is resilient enough to cushion a fall.

Buzzards Bay

  • Bourne Inclusive Playground
    Main Street, Buzzards Bay Behind the Main Street Post Office.
    The inclusive playground also has a rubberized surface to provide firm and even ground that still serves as a soft landing pad. Equipment at the newly opened playground includes a Sway Fun glider, a large, sliding dual-sided bench complete with a wheelchair-accessible ramp; a jungle gym; an outdoor musical bell set; and a pair of low-hanging zip lines called ZipKrooz.



  • Percy Rideout Park 
    51 Laws Brook Rd.
    Smooth surface throughout, Ramps to play components, Sound-play components, Transfer stations, Accessible swing, Visually-impaired play components, Safety fence


  • All Access Playground
    West Dennis Graded School House
    67 School St.
    This playground provides recreational opportunities for children of all abilities.


  • Everybody’s Playground
    Leroy L. Wood School
    60 Sconticut Neck Road
    This playground has a surface that is smooth enough for a wheelchair, and is resilient enough to cushion a fall.

Fall River



  • Dacey Community Field Playground
    The playground is designed with special needs children in mind. I has an area of 77′ by 92′, making it one of the largest ADA Accessible playground in Massachusetts.




  • The Marshfield Kids at Play Park
    Library Plaza, located off Snow Road
    Marshfield Center
    This is a large playground with flat, soft, safe and popular spot with 16 slides, a rock wall, and cute play houses that rise up out of the asphalt of Liberty Plaza. More of a tot spot than for kids looking for thrills or challenges. However, it’s a workout keeping track of your child as there are lots of hidden spots. It’s fully accessible and environmentally sustainable.


  • Woolie World
    Washington Street
    Accessible swing, Sound-play components

North Attleboro

  • Early Learning Center Playground
    25 School Street

New Bedford

  • Buttonwood Park
    Lt Walter E Fuller Memorial Pkwy
    425 Hawthorn Street
    This playground has a surface that is smooth enough for a wheelchair, and is resilient enough to cushion a fall.


  • Orleans Elementary School Playground
    46 Eldridge Park Way


  • Adventures for Angels Playground
    Ross Memorial Park on Johnson Street


  • Rotary Park
    Springside Park
    Springside Avenue
    Wheelchair Accessible Playground for ages 2-12. Boundless Playground


  • Amelia Grace Place
    Rockport Elementary School
    (It is open to the public during non-school hours).  Playground includes accessible swings, climbing structure that enables a wheelchair to go to the top, and many ground-level activities.


  • Fay Memorial Park Central StreetOpening in the Spring 2018 one of their goals is to provide a beautiful, safe, handicap accessible playground for our residents and the surrounding communities to enjoy.


  • Bill Adelson Playground
    Haskell Recreation Area on the corner of Fairbank and Hudson Roads.
    This is a toddler playground.
  • Lyon’s Pride – A Boundless Playground
    Fairbank Community Center
    40 Fairbank Road
  • S.M.I.L.E.
    66 Dudley Road.
    SMILE (Simple Mobility in a Learning Environment) is a community-built playground done by GameTime. The playground includes climbers, slides, play panels, and spring riders. There is also a playground sculpture of Harry the Hippo which children can climb through.

Turner Falls

  • Playground at Unity Park (pdf)
    56 First Street
    Smooth surface throughout a surface that smooth enough for a wheelchair, and is resilient enough to cushion a fall.


  • Barton Road Housing Complex
    Home Barton Rd.
    There are separate play structures for ages 2-5 and 5-12. There is completely accessible rubber surfacing, several slides, climbers, play panels, picnic tables, benches, tot and ADA swings, a rocket ship and other riders, a merry-go-round and more.

West Barnstable


  • Stanley Park
    400 Western Avenue
    Ramps to play components, Safety fence


West Dennis

  • All Access Playground
    The Graded School
    75 School Street


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