Homemaker Services

Homemaker Services

Homemaker services include but are not limited to grocery shopping and other errands; meal preparation; light housekeeping; and laundry services. Homemakers can often be hired, at an hourly rate, through home care agencies and visiting nurses associations (VNAs).

The Home Care Aide Council
designed  “Know Your Private Pay Home Care Options” brochure as a guide for families purchasing home care services in times of need.  This tool will help you understand what paraprofessional home care services are and will help you decide which services can best be used by your family.
Know your Private Pay Options Brochure (pdf)

Or, you can hire a homemaker yourself by putting a classified ad in a local newspaper.
Your local Independent Living Center can provide you with tips on how best to find, to hire and to manage home help.


Massachusetts Commission for The Blind – Social Rehabilitation Services  provide homemaker services to legally blind persons under the age of 60 who have a serious medical problem in addition to their blindness that is preventing them from performing necessary homemaking tasks. Services are provided on the basis of priority of need. In order to be determined to be in the highest priority category for this service, a legally blind person must:
Live alone; or live with minor children only; or live with another severely disabled adult, who is incapable of performing these tasks, only need assistance in preparing meals, grocery shopping, or laundering clothes. Other legally blind persons who are eligible for homemaker services will receive them only if sufficient funds are available and based on priority of need as determined by the Commission.
Boston area: 800-392-6450
Worcester area: 508-754-1148
Western Mass 800-332-2772


Home Care Assistance Program Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (pdf)
The Home Care Assistance Program provides homemaker services to eligible disabled adults who are functionally limited in meeting their own nutritional and environmental needs. The assistance of a homemaker helps individuals maintain their independence in the community.
Phone: 617-204-3853
Toll Free: 800-223-2559
FAX: 617-727-2809


Elder In-Home Services Home Care Program – If you are 60 or over, you may qualify for In-Home Care Program through Elder Services. Call the Executive Office of Elder Affairs at 800-243-4636 or TTY 1- 800-439-2370 for information regarding the Home Care Program. Aging Service Access Points (ASAPs) conduct comprehensive needs assessments to determine eligibility for services. Eligibility is also based on financial status and ability to bathe, dress and prepare meals.

Eligibility Guidelines


Children & Youth with Special Health Needs
Children with disabilities may be eligible to receive services through the Department of Public Health’s Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood, and Special Health Needs.
Toll free: 800-882-1435
TTY: 617-624-5992


Disability Specific Organizations – Call disability specific organizations relating to your disability. They may have more information on homemaker programs for people they serve. Some examples:

ALS Association
Finding Caregiver Help
ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter
Phone: 781-225-8884
Caregiver Services

Caregiver Resources – Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

Hiring Help at Home (pdf) – Greater New England MS Society
Phone: 800-344-4867

Homemaker and Home Health Aide CareUS Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Massachusetts Home Care Assistance ProgramMassachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Fact Sheet last updated on: 10/5/2021