Wheelchairs (Power) and Scooters – Low Cost


 Wheelchairs (Power) and Scooters –

Low Cost

Resources to help pay for power wheelchairs and scooters.

Funding Sources (Insurance)

Insurance Coverage
Find out if your insurance will cover costs for power wheelchair or scooter. Funding for assistive technology may be available through your HMO or private insurance carrier if your policy covers durable medical equipment (DME), You will need to show that the technology is medically necessary.

Used Wheelchairs / Low Cost (Possible)

AT Exchange in New England (getATstuff)
MassMATCH’s free AT device exchange program. The Equipment Exchange is similar to a “want ad” where pre-owned AT is listed in order to put people looking for AT in contact with sellers or donators. The Equipment Exchange is an opportunity to re-sell or buy AT for a lower cost than new items; such as, wheelchairs, computers and daily living aids. To buy, donate, or sell used AT, call the toll free MassMATCH INFO-line.
Email: ATinMA@getatstuff.com
Phone: 617-204-3815 (TTY)
Toll Free: 877-508-3974 (voice)

REquipment (MRC/MassMATCH)
Provides refurbished, gently used wheeled mobility, lifts and other Durable Medical Equipment (DME) free to people of all ages. Call 1-800-261-9841 to arrange for free pick up.
Phone: 508-713-9690
Toll Free: 800-261-9841
Email: info@dmerequipment.org

Pass It On
Located in Mashpee.  Provides equipment to clients aged birth to 22. Provides manual wheelchairs and strollers. Does not provide power wheelchairs or scooters.
Phone: 508-477-6966
Toll Free: 800-267-6768

The Boston Home Wheelchair Enhancement Center
Has onsite repair capacity for clients with the tools and supplies to make quick fixes based on prior assessments. Consequently clients are able to avoid long waits for parts or servicing. This enables them to stay mobile and comfortable without long incapacitating delays. The Center offers knowledgeable advice on working with insurers and the wheelchair manufacturer or supplier.
Contact: Don Fredette
Phone: 617-326-4278

Wheelchair Recycler
Located in Ashland. Contact person is David Heim. Wheelchair Recycler refurbishes and distributes pre-owned power wheelchairs and electric scooters at a very low cost to people that either do not have health insurance or do not qualify for equipment. If you can not pick up scooter, there is a $100 delivery charge.
Phone: 508-460-6328

Local Independent Living Centers (ILC)

Some of the ILCs have assistive technology that is donated. Find your local ILC
Tom Perry of Boston Center of Independent Living has lots a durable medical equipment in storage.
Call Tom at 617-338-6665 x228. (Mon & Tues)

Disability Related Organizations

Try contacting organization that relates to disability. Some disability related organizations have donated wheelchairs. Example: ALS Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association

SMD–HELP Foundation
Loans hospital equipment to those in need.
Hospital Equipment Loan Program
500 West Cummings Park 1150 Washington Street
Suite 1150  Woburn MA 01801
Open Saturdays 9AM-12PM
Phone: 781-322-1052

Loan Closets

Local Council on Aging
Depending on the town, some COAs serve those with disabilities in addition to seniors. Ask if your COA loans out equipment.

Fact Sheet last updated on: 6/3/2021