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What is COVID-19?


It is an illness spreading around
the world. Its nickname is the coronavirus.


Someone with COVID-19 gives you their
germs. When they cough or sneeze, their germs get in the air, on you, and on things. Germs get into your body through your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Information about COVID in the Massachusetts Area

More information about COVID in the state of Massachusetts and where to get tested and vaccinated.

Our Project

Using a crowdsourcing app to help the machine learning software take the test and simplify complex sentences to simpler ones. In order for the machine Algorithm to simplify sentences and phrases, it needs humans to give it simple sentences paired with its complex counterparts. Then the machine can learn how to Simplify any info to be more easily understood.

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What our Webpage Contains

Our webpage contains our mission to simplify COVID-19 text to be more accessible to people with disabilities and ESL. Our Project, Easytext AI, uses Machine Learning to make the text understandable for a more diverse audience to keep informed.

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Microsoft AI For Health – COVID-19 Grants
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